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Indigo Rabbit
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Through contemporary art Yokai Gallery explores the immersive landscape of otherworldly phenomena that exist in the corners of our imagination. The preternatural and supernatural anomalies inhabiting human folklore and giving life to our dreams and fears for thousands of years.

The gallery is the working studio of Tamara Lepianka. Each piece is an original; a unique narrative offering a glimpse into a story yet written. Where perception is a nuanced collective of our own experiences and interpretation.

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Tamara Lepianka is a contemporary artist from the United States working primarily with encaustic medium to create textured, abstract paintings. Reminiscent of barren landscapes, the striations of geographical formations, or revealing the recesses and alcoves of hidden worlds each piece is created using complex brushwork and torch techniques enhanced with mixed media materials. The results are biomorphic, organic, natural pieces that compliment both modern and traditional spaces. Her work is in private collections across the United States, Europe, and Australia.

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