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Tamara Lepianka is an American artist from central Kentucky, USA.

Her current work focuses on the unpredictability of encaustic medium to create abstract pieces reminiscent of geographical formations or views into hidden worlds. Mixed media elements are incorporated into the paintings to capture the interaction between the materials and create contradictions in form and movement. From a distance the works suggest a quiet stillness but close inspection reveals the complexity of the composition created using this unique but ancient medium.

Tamara is constantly exploring new artistic techniques and has had an active art practice for over 30 years. Prior to encaustic painting she spent fifteen years working with natural fibers and textiles. Using raw wool, flax, and hemp she developed experimental yarns and textile pieces while shepherding a flock of rare breed wool sheep on her 22 acre farm.

Her studio is a 500 sq. ft. converted stable on her property in the heart of ‘horse country’ in the rolling hills of the Kentucky bluegrass. Her works can be found in private collections across the United States, Europe, and Australia.

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