November 2019

A Sunday in December

a sunday in december

we stole the afternoon

to skate the frozen ice fields

then kiss beneath the moon

November 2019

Ice Fields

the ice fields wane

we’ve lost our way



another day

to make amends

for what we’ve lost

for what we stole

for what it cost

the ice fields weep

the water swells

the walls collapse

we toll the bells

October 2019

On the Edge

on the edge

of coasts and lore

we find a truth

unknown before

of waters deep

and fertile soil

where kelpies live

and farmers toil

October 2019

At Days Dawn


at days dawn

ripples on the sea

where white sand

has found me

deep in reverie 

September 2019

The Light is Here

the light is here

the day begun

we’re hiding from

a ray of sun

oh no, not yet

it’s much too soon

i want to stay in bed till noon

September 2019

Sail the Mountains

once we said

we’d scale the seas

we’d sail the mountains

on a breeze

of hopes

and dreams

and golden keys

that unlock doors

to fantasies

that years have stole

that time has took

age became

a naughty crook

September 2019

West Winds

when the west winds blow

great drifts of snow

on fence

and glen

on fawn

and fen

when the west winds blow

across hills of gray

i’ll find you there

on winters day

August 2019

Caverns Deep

in caverns deep

there are secrets we keep

under rock

under snow

in the caverns below

do not speak of them

no one must know

June 2019

Sacred Places

we search for paths

to sacred places

in the hollow hills

of hypocrisy

June 2019


on the marble steps of Illyria

on the twelfth night

a triad of hopes and deceit

oh, William

such ruse

’twas an evening of delight

May 2019

Restless Thoughts

in a moment

on a day

when we want to drift away

the water stills

the waves collapse

but restless thoughts

will bring them back

May 2019

Hold Close

hold close to the shore

for the fog of discontent

will blind you of joy

November 2019



at waters edge

the blues of night

the reds of dawn



and then

they’re gone

November 2019

Waves Crash

waves crash

on sand and soul

waters keep

what seas stole

storms come

but seldom stay

tomorrow brings

another day

October 2019

Find a Peace

find a peace

a piece of you

to show the world

to show them who

can turn the key

swing wide the door

the piece of you

afraid no more

September 2019

Beneath the Ice

beneath the ice

of waters deep

we hold our breath

to wait

to sleep

we bide our time

w sink below

the banshee wind

and mounting snow

a lotus bulb

waiting there

for brighter days

and warmer air

September 2019

Sleeping in the Sun

autumn day

fields of hay

sleeping in the sun

monsters laugh

instead of roar

we dance instead of run

September 2019

Winters White Soiree

holly leaves

and chestnut trees

juniper berries please

a hop

a skip

a sally forth

to winter’s white soiree

September 2019

Moments Caught

moments caught

in rays of light

seeping into thoughts at night

a laugh

a grin

a smile within

a kite

a flight

a string held tight

it happened once

it happened when

we danced a dance of childhood whim

August 2019

Do Not Yield

mountain pass

found at last

take the road

heal the past

ford the stream

cross the field

hold your course

do not yield

July 2019


across the divide

of reality and dream

is the courage

to brave

the landslide

on the other side

June 2019

Through Rock and Sky

a man set forth

to mountains high

a journey made

through rock and sky

through mud and rain and gusting wind

to seek what he already held within

June 2019

Broken Path

broken path worn away

through the trees I’m led astray

finding sticks

kicking clay

lost in thought

lost today

November 2019

Ice Song

the ice sings

a song of hope

for warmer days

under sun

when once again

the waters run

November 2019

Through Fire

bold and strong

we pushed ahead

through fire

and wind

and sand

and dread

to make our way

to make our home

the refugees

once cursed to roam

October 2019

On Frozen Marsh


on frozen marsh





on blades of dead grass

gentle wisps of ice

tiny harbingers

of the coming storm

September 2019

Broken Sticks

the leaves have fell

the season changed

broken sticks

are what remain

where once we danced

where once we lay

on swollen hills

of grass and hay

is only wind 

swirling round

and only dirt

and barren ground

September 2019

Strange Idea

toying with

a strange idea

of mucking up the day

for a season is behind us

and chaos leads the way

September 2019


battered, worn

shattered, torn

scattered, we mourn

August 2019

Chaos Reigns

chaos reigns

contentment wanes

our days are filled

with cold disdain

for evil men

waving gold

telling our children

they have been

bought and sold

July 2019

Every Voice

all the days in July

all the days in the rain

every voice should be heard

every voice has a name

July 2019

Ever Up Ever Down

hopes are lost 

dreams are found

ever up

ever down

lives are lived 

on the ground

June 2019

Straw Mat

straw mat welcome

threshold of wood

door swings wide

warm light


June 2019

Minutes Pass

in a moment

on a day

when we wish the time away

it carries on

the minutes pass

but one day we

will want them back

© 2021 Tamara Lepianka

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