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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What medium are your original paintings?
    Unless otherwise stated in the description of the piece all works are primarily encaustic medium on wood panel. Colors are created using dry pigments. Most works will have a variety of mixed media elements that include, but are not limited to: shellac, oil paint, mica powders, encaustic gesso, and more.
  • What is encaustic?
    Encaustic medium is a mixture of beewax and damar resin, a harvested tree sap. This combination creates a durable, 100% natural, archival medium used by artists as far back as the 5th century B.C. Originally used to waterproof ships, coloring the wax with pigments eventually led to decorating ships with iconography. There are surviving encaustic paintings that are over 3,500 years old, some of which are part of the Egyptian collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and museums around the world.
  • Will an encaustic painting melt?
    All wax will melt...however the melting point of encaustic medium is approximately 162°F, 72°C, which means that it is not a concern for most installation locations as that is significantly hotter than anyone would ever want their home or office. You really have a much bigger problem than your encaustic painting melting if your home or office is 162°F! The biggest concern for encaustic paintings is direct sunlight, fireplaces, and lighting. You should avoid hanging an encaustic painting where it will be exposed to direct sunlight that could soften the surface and make it more vulnerable to damage. You should not hang encaustic paintings over fireplaces, near wood stoves, or close to lamps or other light fixtures where radiant heat may also soften the medium. Storage can also be a concern as attic or non-climate controlled storage facility temperatures could reach temperatures that compromise the integrity of the encaustic surface.​​ Do not leave an encaustic painting in a hot car for an extended period, and if transporting an encaustic painting during warm months ensure that packing materials are not in direct contact with the painting surface.
  • How do I care for my encaustic painting?
    See my Encaustic Care Instructions to learn more about taking care of your encaustic art.
  • Is framing available?
    A limited number of framing options may be available depending on the piece. A select number of artworks in the shop may be listed as already framed and the price will include the frame as shown. Please reach out if you would like to discuss having a piece framed prior to purchase, although keep in mind your local framer will have a much wider selection of framing options and may also be able to provide a satisfaction guarantee to ensure you receive the frame that works best for your installation site.
  • Are the paintings ready to hang?
    Yes. All paintings ship with the hanging hardware and wire installed, whether framed or unframed. You simply need to provide the weight appropriate hanger necessary for your wall. For large pieces I recommend using two hangers mounted at the same height several inches apart to ensure the piece hangs level. Large encaustic pieces can be heavy, so using heavy duty wall anchors or mounting wall hangers into a stud is highly recommended.
  • How are paintings packed and shipped?
    Each painting is protected with a sufficient amount of packing material (recycled or recyclable when available) to protect the work. Effort is made to ensure materials will not mar the surface of the painting and that the shipping box is the appropriate size for the piece being shipped. In the United States the carriers of choice are UPS or USPS Priority, depending on the painting size. For International Orders estimates will be provided for several carriers since these can be quite expensive depending on the service selected. Insurance is required and is non-negotiable. A delivery signature may be required depending on the value of the piece being shipped.
  • Do you work with a gallery?
    I am open to gallery representation. I was previously with Gallery Vibe in Naples, Florida until the owner retired in 2020. Select pieces may be available for purchase at online galleries or
  • Do you take commissions?
    I am not accepting commissions at this time. I prefer to focus my art practice on my own self expression and developing pieces that I find engaging to create.
  • Do you offer prints?
    I currently do not offer prints. Encaustic has a very translucent quality that does not reproduce well in a printed format.
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