What is encaustic?

Encaustic medium is a mixture of beewax and damar resin. This combination creates a durable, archival medium that has been used by artists as far back at the 5th century B.C. Originally used to waterproof ships the coloring of the wax with pigments eventually led to decorating ships with iconography. There are surviving encaustic paintings from ancient times that are 3,500 years old, some of which are part of the Egyptian collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and museums around the world.

Will an encaustic painting melt?

All wax will melt...however the melting point of encaustic medium is approximately 162°F, 72°C, which means that it is not a concern for most installation locations as that is significantly hotter than anyone would ever want their home or office. You really have a much bigger problem than your encaustic painting melting if your home is 162°F! The biggest concern for encaustic paintings is direct sunlight, fireplaces, and lighting. You should avoid hanging an encaustic painting where it will be exposed to direct sunlight that could soften the surface and make it more vulnerable to damage. You should not hang encaustic paintings over fireplaces, near wood stoves, or close to lamps or other light fixtures where radiant heat may also soften the medium. Storage can also be a concern as attic or non-climate controlled storage facility temperatures could reach temperatures that compromise the integrity of the encaustic surface.​​

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How do I care for my encaustic painting?

See my Encaustic Care Instructions to learn more about taking care of your encaustic art.

Do you work with a gallery?

I was with Gallery Vibe in Naples, Florida up until 2020 when the owner decided to retire. I am currently self represented, but may consider working with a gallery if the right opportunity presents itself in the future.