My effort to reduce the amount of consumables I use in my art practice.

Permanent Tools

My initial joy and excitement of working with acrylic pours was quickly tempered by the single-use waste of the materials that are involved. Surprisingly, I’m not talking about the paint. The volume of wood stir sticks, and plastic or paper cups is unsettling. Even when trying to wash and reuse cups and sticks, after a few pours they typically have to be trashed. So I've since opted to invest in stainless steel tools. Permanent replacements for the single use consumables in my acrylic practice. Incredibly, the cost was way cheaper than I expected. The spatulas were less than the cost of a few boxes of wood sticks. A set of four 8oz stainless steel cups was less than $12, and the tiny 1oz stainless steel jiggers were $8 for a set of ten. So for less than $20 I have permanent replacements for several sizes of my pouring cups. I'll certainly want more sizes, but these are a start, and they work brilliantly. Clean up only takes seconds, and even when I may miss a bit of paint here or there, it easily peels or flakes off with a rub.

I won't miss my trash bin overflowing with paint cups and stir sticks one bit.

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